24 November 2011

Today's Run, in Pictures

Today’s my nephew’s twelfth birthday.  He’s running a Thanksgiving 5k today in Tampa.  The same 5k his mom and I ran four years ago (during which, I'm pretty sure he was sleeping).  

Wish I could’ve been there with them today.  For one thing, Florida's flat.  But really, I just thought about them the whole time I did my own run around the same time as theirs. 
out and back, 6k

For him, here’s my run today, in pictures:

up the first hill, to the flat past the grape vines and cabbages

on to the next hill, toward Cagnano

past some zucca

and the wildflowers across from the soccer field
staying on the pavement, lined with olive trees

past some Contadino's attempt to keep the animals away

some chestnuts that a cingiale found first

turn around in Paggese

staying off the power lines (DANGER OF DEATH)

past a porcini mushroom the cingiale missed

and the chickens in Cagnano
and the half an old Ape, down towards the....


down the hill
above the town, past the church
and home

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