07 March 2012

5 Tips for Running in an Italian Hill Town

1. Ignore the Stares.  You will be stared at.  By everyone who passes you.  While many of them are staring because they’ve never seen anything quite so crazy as your lycra-clad ass chugging up the hills, most of them are just looking to see if they know you.

2. Resist the Urge to Run Against Traffic.  This is ok on the straights, but around the multitude of curves, you risk scaring the oncoming driver so badly that he has a heart attack behind the wheel and kills you both.

3. Keep the Music Low. If you must run with an ipod, keep the volume down so you can hear the cars, trucks and buses that will zoom around the curves next to you. It’s much nicer to hear their approach than be startled into their path as they’re within a hair’s breadth of your mid-striding ankle.

4. Wear Bright Colors. This not only helps the drivers to see you, but also distinguishes you from cinghiale and other wild animals that hunters may be after.

5. Smile at the Locals. It unnerves them and their startled visages will provide amusement to power you up the hill past their olive trees/orange trees/pumpkin patches/chickens.

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