15 March 2012

Myth vs. Truth (or, Your Guide Book/Friends/Family May Have Lied a Little)

-Italians don’t drink to get drunk.
Spend time in any small town and you will see that they do, tho usually not as belligerently as people where you’re from.

-The “primo piatto” of pasta is small, more like a taste of pasta to get your stomach ready for what else is coming.
Maybe in larger cities, but in many small to medium towns, the first plate is a meal in itself yet is still followed by a secondo. It is also the primary reason I blame for gaining 5 kilos in 7 months.

-Italians are such warm, open people.
Ok.  This one’s kinda true.  So many Italians I’ve met will tell you the most personal (often cringe-worthy) facts about themselves.  Unfortunately, they will also ask you the most personal, cringe-inducing questions.  I still haven’t figured out how to respond when this happens.

-Only tourists drink cappuccino after noon.
Not true.  Around here, some locals  do, but they call it cappuccio.  And when they order it, they do so with attitude: “Un cappuccio, per favore, eh?”  In Italian, with an “eh?” at the end. Makes all the difference.

-Your Italian grandmother is the only one who knows how to make sauce correctly
EVERYONE’s grandmother is the only one who knows how to make sauce correctly. Just ask them.

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